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June 10th 2019

What is the




It's an 8 week challenge to make working out this summer FUN... ENGAGING... and DOABLE... no matter your fitness level.

(AND... for a fraction of the cost of a one-on-one personal trainer!)

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Personal Training

We train you individually during workouts. This means you learn, improve, and get serious results!


Your Pace

Workout at your pace. We'll challenge you at your fitness level. Forget everybody else.



We have the best community. You'll be part of a family. A sisterhood who will help you succeed.

Whatever your

fitness level

You can

Do this!

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They Know My Name!

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I love having a community of supportive women. Our desires are different but, we've created a space for us. I like that I feel safe to share my struggles and my goals. And I love the trainers KNOW MY NAME!

- Brittany Leticia

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Nothing Else Compares

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I'm so thankful I found you guys. I've tried so many other gyms and nothing else compares. This is the only studio, gym or program I've stuck with for any considerable amount of time.

- Amanda Renkin

Here's how the



1. Choose a Plan

  • 16 total classes (8 classes per month)
  • 24 total classes (12 classes per month)
  • Unlimited classes

Choose the plan that fits your summer schedule. Your attendance gets you points towards winning the challenge.

2. Choose a Goal

  • Weight loss and slim down
  • Strength and muscle

Your primary goal will help us tweak your workouts, keep you focused, so you hit your goals by the end of 8 weeks.

3. Weekly Challenges

You get one fitness challenge and one nutrition challenge - per week - based on your primary goal.

I call these Fit Quickies and they help accelerate results outside of class.

Get them done... get more points!




the rest of

the way

If you come to class and complete the challenges... we'll make sure you:

  • Burn fat...
  • Lose inches from your arms, waist, and thighs...
  • Get insanely strong...
  • And feel more confident than you ever have.

We've been doing this for years and have the system down.

It starts in:









June 10th 2019

See for yourself...

Best friends...

Lost 16lbs


Plateau breaker...

Lost 15lbs


The athlete...

Lost 14lbs


What will

You Do?

You can cover yourself up this summer. Afraid of being judged... lacking confidence... and feeling miserable?

Or you can throw down and commit!

Imagine wearing cute skirts and spaghetti strap tank tops with zero fear of what people think... full of confidence... and 100% proud of how you look and feel.

All because you decided to show up to a couple amazing workouts every week and follow a simple plan.

The choice is yours... what will you do?

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Bird List

Registration Opens

June 3 - @7:00am

There are 30 spots open for this years challenge.

I'll open registration on June 3rd at 7:00am.

But if you sign up on the Early Bird list today, I'll open registration for you a full 24 hours early.

Plus I'll immediately send you my Switch Guide so you can start your transformation now.

It's full of healthier options for the foods and desserts you love. And you get this FREE!

Take the short quiz below and get on the Early Bird list. I'll open registration for you on June 2nd at 7:00am.

Once these spots are gone... they're gone.

Sign up and make this the best summer you've had in years.

I can't wait to meet you!

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Get on the


1. Which goal gets you excited?


I'm going to miss a week for vacation... should I still sign up?
Frequently Asked Questions Arrow

Yes of course.

It's easy to make up the classes you miss. And when you go, we have video workouts online you can use to help get some workouts done during vacation.

Don't let one week keep you from transforming your body this summer.

What happens if I miss classes during the week?
Frequently Asked Questions Arrow

First, realize you're going to miss some classes. And it's no big deal.

You can make up any class you miss during the challenge. Add an extra class in during any week.

You will not be able to make up missed classes once the challenge is done.

I have a previous injury/pain... will I be able to do the workouts?
Frequently Asked Questions Arrow

Yes! This is what makes us so unique compared to anyplace else in Charleston.

We train you during class. So we can modify the workout to match your needs... even if that means completely changing exercises.

We have helped dozens of women with injuries not only fix them... but successfully work around them.

What do I need to bring to my 1st workout?
Frequently Asked Questions Arrow

Bring a water bottle. We have a foutain you can use, but bring a bottle so you can carry it around with you.

Bring a small towel to wipe up sweat from your face. You're going to sweat... and this helps a lot.

We have yoga mats for you, but if you want your own... bring that.

Finally, a good attitude. The more excited you are... the better your workouts and results will be.

Do you have childcare?
Frequently Asked Questions Arrow

We don't have childcare.

Yet, we have members bring their children to the studio so they don't have to miss classes.

You can do this too. Just let us know so we can be prepared. It's not something we like to make a habit... because most women come here to get away from their daily lives... it's precious ME time.

Do you have showers?
Frequently Asked Questions Arrow

We do not have showers.

It's something we would like to add. But we start every workout ontime and get you out ontime...

If you need to leave a little early... go for it.