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Credit card information for purchases:

This is handled by ZenPlanner and our merchant services provider. They use the highest SSL encryption security and tokens. No financial information is stored on our website.

We do not share any financial details of any customer. We do not track amount purchased for profiling purposes. Only the products products you purchased so we can give you the correct permissions in the members area.

Email address:

We store your email address in our database on our website. Our entire site is secured through 256bit encryption. You can see this by the https:// on every single page.

The source of your email address in all cases is you.

We do not share your email address, except to put it into our third party email software that allows us to email you.

Our third part email software solution is called ConvertKit. They too follow strict privacy policy you can read on their website.

You can unsubscribe from our email lists by clicking the unsubscribe link on every email we send. From that link you can control what emails you receive. Or you can choose to receive no emails and you will be deleted from the email database.

We don’t rent or sell your email information to anybody. If you every wish to have a record of your data form our database, please contact us. We can also provide you proof of deletion if you require this.

Name and address:

We store your name and address for email purposes above. Also all customers have their name stored so I can support and service you. Your address is stored only if you purchase a physical product and used only for shipping you products. We keep your physical address on file because you might purchase more products in the future. If you ever need or want it deleted, contact us and we will remove your address from our customer database.

The source of your mailing address in all cases is you.

We do not share or rent or sell your mail address to any other company and no other third party software touches your mailing address.

Lifestyle information:

If you took our quizzes or fitness analysis quizzes, you provided information about how you exercise and what you struggle with.

The source of this information in all cases comes from you.

We store this information in our subscriber and customer database. We do not rent, sell, or give any of this data away. We only use it to help give you the experience you want and need. To make sure you get relevant information that matters to you and to help solve your problems.

We download this data every three months. We delete all name fields and all email fields. We keep the answers on file in a spreadsheets so we can profile who uses our website. This allows us to give you a better experience and the solutions to make your fitness life easier.

No identifiable information is kept on file, rented, sold, or used for any purposes.

Site cookies:

We use cookies through Google Analytics software solution. This allows us to see who is using our site, what pages are people reading and visiting, plus other website usage data.

This data is called non-personal information because it has nothing to do with your specifics, just how you use our site.

Google has complied with all laws in how cookies are managed and we set up and rule that after 3 months, all of your website usage data in Google Analytics is deleted. Keep in mind if you keep coming back which I hope you do, new usage data is recored.

No other cookies are used on our site at the moment.

What is a cookie?

It’s a small text file placed on your browser so your browser can remember who you are. This helps to make sure what you see is relevant to you and not some random information.

You can learn how to block all cookies to your browser here. But I suggest you don’t do this or your internet experience will go downhill fast. Let me know if you have any questions about that.

Here are the companies that touch your data:

ConvertKit: No Address

This is our email delivery software provider. Only your name and email address are stored on in ConvertKit.

ZenPlanner: 9325 Dorchester St, #202 Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

This is our membership management software company. This is where all of your billing information is stored, except for your credit card information. This is held by our merchant provider.

PaySimple: 1515 Wynkoop Street Suite 250 Denver, CO 80202

This is our merchant provider. They handle all credit card processing.

Netlify Netlify is a distributed company without an address.

This is where we host our website. But we don't hold any data on these servers related to any individual.