Helping You

Exercise The

Right Way

Ignite is a 6 week program to help you:

  • Get back into exercise the correct way...
  • Help you restore proper movement and mobility...
  • Get lean, strong, and fit!

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Have you


it's time

for a change?

Losing weight can seem daunting.

It seems like so much... exercise... nutrition... recovery... battling temptation... keeping motivation high.

It's easy to fall into fitness lies and nonsense.

Because most "trainers" ... "studios" ... and "programs" make false claims and then overwhelm you.

No wonder it seems like you're stuck where you are...

Will you ever be able to lose the weight you want?

You just found the answer...

Hi. I’m Kindal.

I own This Time Fitness.

A strength training and healthy living studio for women.

Getting started is the most important first step.

But coming to a studio can be scary.

That’s why I created Ignite.

Ignite is a 6 week challenge to help you build the right exercise habits... nutrition habits... and mental habits to melt fat and get your first big win.

Maybe that’s losing 12 pounds... dropping two clothing sizes... or doing 8 straight pushups...

Ignite gives you the weekly plan to succeed and build momentum.

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1. 6 Weeks of Classes

6 weeks of classes to fit your schedule.

Get one-on-one help to push you… guide you through modifications… to learn correct form… and make sure you get the best workout possible.

2. Nutrition Fast Start

Get my Plan Smart Eat Real food substitution guide called Switch.

It’s packed with healthy delicious alternatives to your favorite “bad for you” foods. Plus it’s easy to use in your real life.

3. 12 Fit Quickie Challenges

Every week you’ll get one fitness challenge and one nutrition challenge to complete every day.

It’s the small things you do - daily - that burn fat… build muscle… and transform your body.

4. Ignite Facebook Group

Get to know the other Ignite members in our Ignite Private Facebook group.

Every week I’ll check in on you and help you outside of class so you succeed and start hitting your goals.

This has truly been an awesome experience for me. I have never worked out before and I feel stronger and better about myself each time I go.

Kindal and Beth really push you within your limits. This Time Fitness is an awesome place for women to workout.

Tiffany McCray

The people in the daily workout sessions are extremely supportive of each other. The trainers give you excellent assistance with proper form and are always encouraging!

It always feels like I have one on one training sessions!

Patricia Nicholas

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6 Weeks From Today...

How Will Your Body Look And Feel?

  • If you follow the checklist I give you...
  • Depending on where your body is right now...
  • You can easily lose 8 to 10, even 15 pounds.

No matter what, you'll be much stronger and your body will feel years younger.

It takes is being consistent. I'll coach you through the rest.

Take the short quiz below and we set up a talk about your goals and how Ignite can help you get the fast start you need.

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