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Holiday Survival Guide: 5 Simple Ways To Feel Fit, Energized & Confident Throughout The Holidays

by | Nov 12, 2018 | Lifestyle | 0 comments

Ready or not, the holidays are coming!

The chaos of shopping, stress of getting family together, the logistics of traveling…
It’s all about to get real.

One thing that you shouldn’t have to stress over?

Your body or your weight.

Most people gain just a pound or two which isn’t near as bad as social media and magazines would lead you to believe.

But the problem is…

Those pounds very rarely come off and instead just build up over the years.

Another thing to consider… feeling bloated, blah, and sluggish after holiday parties, cookie swaps, and glasses of wine each night while looking at the tree.

It’s the most wonderful time of year, right? So, of course, you want to feel wonderful too!

Holiday survival

As a trainer, I’m not suggesting a transformation plan.

Instead, I want to share a survival plan.

The holiday survival will leave you:

– Energized for all special activities
– Non bloated for all the wine parties
– Feeling guilt free when you drink your peppermint mocha while munching on a poorly decorated frosted cookie (the ugly ones are the BEST!)

When 2019 rolls around, you don’t have to start from ground zero and you’re also not going to feel deprived.

After all, many of the treats in November and December are things we only see now! Enjoy them… in moderation 😉

5 Holiday Survival Tips For Your Body & Sanity

1 – Sweat Without Excuses

You can justify cookies, extra wine and indulgent meals… but you can’t justify skipping workouts.

This should be your #1 priority in survival mode.

If you know you’re going to be eating more, you have to move more.

Weight gain/loss is calories in vs. calories out. So if more come in, you have to burn more through exercise to balance out.

There should be 3 rules for workouts…

1. Do more than one workout per week (ideally 3-4).
2. Workouts should be more than just cardio focused. Strength training is a must and will deliver much more bang for your buck than cardio alone!
3. Workout with someone or a group of someones. But I’ll cover more of this one in a minute!

Holiday survival

2 – Eat the cookies

Just not all of the cookies, at least in one sitting.

This is a special time of year with some delicious food that bring memories and happiness to our hearts and stomachs (yes, food is more than just fuel).

But it’s also time to practice some self control.

– If you plan on eating 2 sugar cookies after dinner, balance things out with a low carb, high protein and lots of veggies for dinner.

– If you know you’re going to a party at night, skip the cinnamon roll for breakfast and opt for healthier meals for breakfast and lunch so you can splurge at dinner.

– Will you be tempted to eat ALL the cookies the kids bake?

As soon as they’re decorated, package them up for gifts! Give yourself (and the fam) just enough to enjoy without going overboard. No one needs 3 dozen Christmas tree shaped cookies.

Except for Santa, of course.


3 – Alcohol Rules

Spiked eggnog, fancy ciders, Irish coffees near a fire, so many seasonal options.

And none of them good for you.

For alcohol, set some ground rules before heading in to the bar/party.

– Grab a glass of wine, when that’s gone, drink a glass of water. Alternating will cut back on how much you drink AND how great you feel in the morning.

– Drink a special drink and then switch to something a bit more friendly.

If you love eggnog, drink an eggnog. After that, switch to red wine (easy to sip slowly) or a water beer (Budlight, Coors Light, Miller, etc).

team work

4 – Have A Team

It takes a village to raise a kid and a team to raise an adult.

Trying to stay healthy solo is hard.

It’s easy to make excuses when the only person you have to answer to is… you.

You will find it’s easy to justify excuses and let go during the holidays.

Instead, find a group of women going through the same things.

For example, at our studio right now there is a group of 10 women that got together and decided they’re going to help each other stay on top of drinking water each day.

Every night, they log on to Facebook and share how much or how little water they had that day along with tips on how to improve.

Having others around to check in with holds you accountable.

Don’t have a tribe? We might know of one 😉

5 – Don’t Over Complicate Things

And finally, don’t over complicate things.

Follow these steps and you’ll be fine.

– If you’re working out 2 days a week, add a 3rd day. Not working out at all? Start with 2 days a week.
– Eat healthy 80% of the time and eat the cookies or drink the eggnog the other 20% of the time.
– Have friends and/or a coach to help share the madness of the season with.

Someone that will tell you you’re doing great when maybe you just aren’t feeling amazing or to remind you of your goals when you want to let holiday laziness roll in.

That’s it. Those are the rules.

Follow them and you’ll start 2019 feeling great and like you’ve already achieved something.

Don’t start another year having to make up for the past months before you can go forward with new strides.

Holiday Class Pass

Holiday Class Pass

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