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All testimonials are from real members. Their results are based on the hard work and consistency they put into the studio. Joining alone will provide you with zero results. You have to show up... you have to eat healthy... and you have to have a great attitude.

Obviously exercise has some inherent risks of injury.

So, if you're new to exercise and you're unsure about whether strength training is right for you... consult your doctor and make sure you know your specific risks.

When you come to our studio or signup online, you will see and sign our full disclaimer form.

You will accknowledge these risks as your own and give up any legal action towards us for any type of injury to your body.

Of course we will do everything in our ability to protect you and put you in the right positions... the right level of intensity... and the right confidence to excel during every single class.

To read our detailed disclaimer, come in for our 14 day trial for only $14 or if it's right for you... try our Ignite Beginner Program.