What Makes Us Better Than Orange Theory, CycleBar, And Every Other Fitness Studio In Charleston?

What Makes Us Better Than Orange Theory, CycleBar, And Every Other Fitness Studio In Charleston?

by Kindal Boyle

You have a lot of fitness options in Charleston.

Over the years, fitness boutiques and studios have exploded, making it more appealing and easier to get fit.

The days of boring and pointless solo treadmill workouts at the “box gym” are over and group fitness is where it’s at.

But with all these choices, comes the question…

“Which is right for me and what makes one place better than another?”

When a new woman walks into This Time Fitness with her 14 for $14, I’m assuming that we’re not the only studio she’s trying out. That’s okay… it’s important for you to find the place that feels like a fitness home.

And that’s one reason why we’re different.

My goal is to inspire women to be the healthiest, strongest and most fit version of themselves. If that inspires them to workout but do it somewhere else, that’s ok. We understand that our studio isn’t for everyone… take men for example. They don’t fit in very well!

That’s just one reason, here are a few other benefits to working out at This Time Fitness compared to some of the other sweat inducing options you may have…

6 Reasons This Time Fitness Is Better


Small Classes

OrangeTheory allows up to 26 people in class.

CycleBar has room for over 50.

More might sound better, but it’s not.

More means:

  • Less attention
  • More room for mistakes and injuries
  • Less focused attention on your personal goals, needs and results.

At TTF, our goal wasn’t to pack in as many women as possible. We wanted to have small classes just big enough to offer a team environment where you never felt alone but you are able to get personalized training for modifications, support and even challenges based on your fitness.

You can’t hide in the corner and just go through the motions, we’ll see you and we’ll help you start to finish.


No Crazy Lights Or Distractions

You’re going to workout, not go to the disco.

Most fitness studios think they’re offering a better experience with strobe lights, blackouts, and insanely loud music.

How are you supposed to know what’s going on if you can’t see or hear?

Of course, music is important to help drive motivation and add a fun beat to your reps, but shouldn’t you be able to hear your trainer give directions, training (duh) and motivation?

The music should be in the background, not the foreground.

You’re here to workout and to get the best experience, it’s important that you have the opportunity to communicate with your trainer. If you have a question and it’s pitch black AND so loud you can’t hear your own thoughts… how will you get the attention of your coach?


Coached By Actual Coaches?!

Speaking of coaches…

Would you rather have a certified trainer who knows the why behind what you’re doing or someone who just loves fitness without actually being properly educated?

This is an important question to ask. If you have a great understanding of exercise and just want to sweat, maybe this isn’t important. But if you want to improve, get stronger, learn new exercises without risk of injury… this is vital.

All the trainers at TTF are certified personal trainers. In fact, most of us have gone even farther to improve our knowledge by obtaining additional certifications along the way!

Personally, I am:

  • NASM certified personal trainer
  • RKC certified kettlebell coach
  • Kettlebell Athletics certified
  • NASM weight loss specialist
  • NASM women’s fitness specialist

And I hope to continue adding to that list!


Focus On What You Need: Strength

I’m sure you know the two vital ingredients for a well balanced fitness regiment…

Strength training

Cardio/Endurance training

The strength training is where fat burning really happens. You’ll get stronger, tighter, leaner and increase your resting metabolism from lifting weights.

The cardio is where you’ll increase your energy levels and learn to move without getting winded just going up the stairs.

Most studios focus on cardio more than strength.

That’s a huge mistake!

But then again, if they don’t have the proper coaching to teach strength training, then it makes perfect sense.

We want to maximize your results which is why strength training for women is our focus. Through kettlebells (our specialty), sleds, battle ropes, and more… you’ll challenge your muscles and move your body in ways to deliver results.

This isn’t to say you won’t get a great cardio workout. You will! You’ll just get it WHILE you’re moving your body or the weights.


Forget Cookie Cutter Workouts

Maybe you love knowing what to expect every single time you walk in. You know you’ll spend 15 minutes working on this, 15 minutes workout on that, 15 minutes cooling down and voila… workout done.

Franchises are notorious for cookie cutter.

We are notorious for custom made workouts.

Our workouts are designed daily by our team to offer an element of surprise and fun. You never know what you’ll get when you walk in.

You know you’ll get a great workout, but what we have planned based on the week, the training goals, and group size is a surprise every single day!


Part Of A Fit Family

With larger studios and gyms, you become a client. You walk in to workout and you walk out to carry on with your life.

I’ve worked just as hard on making This Time Fitness a community as I have on the actual workout philosophy.

We get to know our members… their goals, their families, their hold-ups and their passions

Members become friends and create a tribe unlike any other.

From weekend mountain retreats, to Wine & Weight events…

We make sure that we’re more than just a place you come to for a 60 minute workout. You have trusted us to help you and we don’t take that lightly.

I can really go on and on as to why this studio is the best. But of course, it doesn’t matter what I write. What matters is what you think and the only way to find out for yourself is to come in and try.

I’d love to offer you a 14 day trial for just $14.

14 days of unlimited classes to meet the coaches, the members and experience the workouts for yourself. Click the link above to set yourself up for 2 weeks! No contracts (never contracts), just a 14 day run through!