The 5 Things You Need To Do To Get Ready For Summer

The 5 Things You Need To Do To Get Ready For Summer

by Kindal Boyle

Whether your fitness goals are inspired by a vacation, special event or just warmer weather (less clothing), it’s important to get a few things straight to set up for success.

The most important… your timeline.

Don’t wait until 2 weeks out and think…

“Okay, NOW it’s time to eat salads, drink a ton of water, and run/walk 5 miles every day after work to get ready for ____.”

There are no short cuts.

Sure you can drop a little weight (mostly water) but come day one of vacation when you let lose and drink all the drinks and eat all the food, you’ll gain it all back and feel as if all your hard work was for nothing.

And to be honest, it was.

Quick weight loss diets do more harm than good.

Not only is the weight you lose mostly water (so you gain the weight back SUPER fast), but you also do a doozy on your metabolism.

Your body lowers its daily needs and before you know it, not only did you gain the weight back, but you can't stop gaining!

So what should you do instead?

Follow the Wendy’s motto (but don’t eat Wendy’s) and stop cutting corners.

Instead of quick fixes, turn to what works.



#1 - Start Now!

Give yourself at least 8 weeks for a body transformation.

This is enough time to see and feel amazing results from taking action in a healthy way.

When you try to crash diet, what happens?

You end up stressed and hangry. No one likes to be hangry. Start making small tweaks to your nutrition and add exercise immediately. Don't worry, I'm about to share what that tweak should be.

If you keep pushing things off because you don’t know how to start, TTF has a 14 day trial, get started there and we can talk nutrition and exercise together.



Adding exercise is the easiest way to burn more calories than you are consuming…

But there is a right and wrong way to exercise for weight loss.

For weight loss and a boosted metabolism, do not neglect STRENGTH TRAINING!

No matter how out of shape you are, don’t fall for the assumption that you should lose weight with cardio and then add strength.


Do both to get the most bang for your body, mind, and health.

That’s why we’re a strength studio!

We focus on women of all ages, fitness levels and sizes to help give the right strength for their body and goals.

Want a fun mini workout you can do at home today?

5 Rounds As Quickly As Possible (with good form)

  • 20 Squats
  • 15 Pushups
  • 10 Lunges
  • 5 Burpees

Simple (not easy) but effective!

Strength builds muscle, not bulk!

It will give you a tight, toned look while increasing your metabolism. Which in return makes it easier to lose weight! Cardio doesn’t.



It is possible to eat for weight loss, enjoy the food and not be miserable.

The first rule I teach with my This Time Nutrition clients is to eat REAL food.

Go through your kitchen and read ingredients. If foods have chemicals, sugars, dyes, hydrogenated oils, then start with a kitchen clean.

Eat up on all the protein, veggies, and healthy grains you want.

In fact, even rice is healthy. It’s REAL and it’s real good. For more help on this, join the next nutrition group!

Hibachi Chicken look delicious?

It’s a recipe from the nutrition group & ready in under 30 minutes.

Simple, delicious & healthy!



Sure you see social media tossing around pictures that look like overnight transformations, but that’s now how things work.

The faster the weight loss, the more likely you are to gain it back.

Set realistic goals with yourself of 1-3 pounds per week. Some weeks will be more than other weeks.

That’s okay.

Don’t feel like a failure if you are only down a pound, that’s a huge success and means you’re doing things right.

That’s why you’re giving yourself 8+ weeks! Over that time 8-20 pounds is normal.



Last but not least, don’t do great all week and then go crazy all weekend on sugar, alcohol (which for weight loss should be cut to a minimum), or fried, greasy foods.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of…

“Oh, I did so well… I DESERVE this slice of pizza and cake!”

No, you deserve to continue on getting amazing results. A slice of pizza won’t hurt you but it can mess with your motivation and lead to 3 more slices.

Stay strong and instead award your successes with non food treats.

Lost 5 pounds?

Go get your nails done.

Dropped a size?

Order a new pair of workout leggings.

Find non food rewards that excite you and inspire you to keep going!




When you hit your goal or go for your trip, don’t stop the healthy habits you’ve built up.

Fitness and healthy eating is a lifestyle and has to be continued.

If you stop, not only do the results stop but very quickly they start going in reverse.

Exercise every week, eat clean 80% of the time (for maintenance) and you’ll continue to reep the benefits of your summer transformation!

Need Help Getting Started?

That’s what This Time Fitness is for.

We’re not just a gym, we’re a health studio helping women hit their goals through fitness, nutrition and even mindset (community makes all the difference).

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