Scared To Get Fit? Read This ASAP

Scared To Get Fit? Read This ASAP

by Kindal Boyle

I remember the first time I walked into a “normal” gym.

I felt completely lost, intimidated by the “regulars”, and unsure of what the heck to do.

I almost walked out as soon as I walked in, but I had already been seen, so I did the next best thing… walked over the the one area I felt somewhat comfortable in:

The treadmill floor.


It took months to gain confidence to leave that cardio zone (though I did get fast!) and even longer to gain confidence to pick up an actual weight. Were the “lifters” looking at me with skepticism and wondering why I felt I deserved to be in THEIR zone?

I doubt it, but that’s how I felt.

The self-doubt and lack of confidence I felt in the gym slowed my progress and made workouts less focused and less goal driven because I didn’t know what the hell I was supposed to do.

Here's a little throwback pict:


During this growth period (of about 3 years) I said,

“Screw it! This isn’t fair. Women shouldn’t be afraid to exercise, shouldn't feel confined to the cardio machines (where results AREN’T achieved) and we should have the tools/training needed to get the results we want.”

So I studied, became a personal trainer and started This Time Fitness (though back then it was called Charleston Fat Blasting Boot Camp).

Don’t Let Your Fear Hold You Back!

5 Reasons Why This Time Fitness Is Anything But Scary


1 - Everyone Was The New Woman At Some Point

Every single woman that is a member at our studio went through the same experience of being a newbie.

If you ask them about their first workout, they will remember it and the nervous butterflies leading up to walking in. But they survived and came back. And you can too!

2 - It's Women Only!

There’s something comforting about a studio that is all women.

There is no one to impress and no cheesy guys staring you down. You get to do exactly what you came for… a workout. And what a workout it will be!

Just because we're a women's only gym, don't let that fool you. We're not a Curves and we don't own a single fitness machine. We have weights, TRX, bands and more to help YOU move your body the way it was intended to do. You'll work and you'll feel awesome with all the other ladies around you.

3 - It's NOT An Aerobics Class

Are you worried you'll slow class down or you can't keep up?

Good news… you’re not trying to keep up with anyone. Classes are led by a trainer (by certified personal trainers) who will warm up everyone and then go over the workout of the day.

Everything will be explained… the exercises, workout layout, modifications and questioned answered.

Then it’s go time... everyone does the same workout, but you get to go at your pace with any modifications you need. Everyone around you is focused on getting through their own workout to judge or pay attention to where you are (or aren’t).


4 - Nothing But Support

I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’ve never heard a woman judge another woman in our studio.


I’ve seen high fives and heard words of encouragement, that’s it. Everyone is there to better themselves, just by showing up earns every woman instant respect.

5 - What's The Alternative?

The only way to make change happen is to make changes. If you want to get healthier, leaner, more fit… then you have to do things differently. That’s hard to know what to do and why having a trainer by your side is a valuable tool.

Are you happy with how things are now? If so, great! Keep doing what you’re doing. But if not, then it’s time to do something different.

Start by taking a deep breath. Give yourself a little pep talk. Then commit to something.


Maybe that’s the Summer Challenge with us or a trial program at another studio.

Make a promise to yourself you’ll take action, then do it.

I get that it’s nerve-wracking to try something new but if you don’t do new things, guess what happens?


You don’t improve, you don’t lose weight, or get stronger…

You don’t do something for yourself that could have a huge (beneficial) impact.

All it takes is walking in the door of our studio to discover all those fears I had above, aren’t fears you have to worry about.

The fears woman have (trust me… EVERYONE is nervous their first day) is put to rest the minute they enter and find out that every woman is there for one purpose: to be better. Not to judge or be judged.

Bottomline is this…

The fear we have in our heads is far worst than reality.

Know that you are strong enough to push your self doubts to the side and take a step forward.

And we’d love to make that happen. This isn’t fluff… it’s the speech I give new ladies all the time. I can’t tell you how many ladies share that fear has kept them out of trying our studio for months or even years.

One of our clients looked at our page for THREE years before actually coming for a workout. Now she’s been with us for over a year and is part of our fit family!


What's The Best Way To Start?

Start with just 8 weeks.

Challenge yourself to commit to 8 weeks… No contracts or promises beyond that.

We have our 8 week summer challenge quickly approaching and that might just be the perfect kicker you need. After all, 29 other new women will be getting their fitness on in a studio environment for the first time too!

If you’re nervous, don’t hesitate to email me and we can chat!

To learn more about the summer challenge, go to: