The Only Summer Fitness Challenge You Should Consider

The Only Summer Fitness Challenge You Should Consider

by Kindal Boyle

How would you feel ending the summer 10, 15, or even 20 pounds lighter than when it started?

Or being able to move your body and lift more weight than you ever have before?

I’d imagine you’d feel pretty freaking amazing. I know every time I hit a new fitness PR, I feel on top of the world!

For 7 summers, we’ve hosted the “Summer Shred Challenge”. An 8 week transformation challenge for women of all ages, shapes and fitness levels.

8 Weeks Of:

- Workouts

- Personal coaching

- Team support

- Fitness fun and more importantly…

- Results.

Doing a challenge is fun, but the reason you do it is to see what you can accomplish, right?

Well, you can accomplish a lot.

If you haven’t already, check out these amazing transformation stories that started with an 8 week challenge.


Talk about motivation!

What makes these women so special is they are just like you and me. They worked hard but they didn’t have any secret sauce. They had the same tools you could have if you’re one of the lucky ones.

So let’s talk a bit more about THIS Summer Challenge…

This year, we’re doing things differently.

We’re offering 2 challenges to choose from:

Summer Slim Down Challenge

Summer Strong Challenge


Great question!

Because women are all different.

We are all starting at different places with our fitness and have different goals.

What’s your goal?

Are you sitting around thinking,

“Something needs to change. I need to take back control of my body to lose fat and tone up! I don’t even feel like myself any more.”


“Weight wise I’m where I want to be! What I’d really love is to get stronger, a bit more toned and take my fitness to a whole new level!”

Either answer is awesome and we wanted to make sure to make this inclusive for any woman that wants to better herself while being a part of a team. That’s why there are the two choices.

This time… there is something for everyone.

Important Challenge Deets You Need To Know!


The Perks To Make You Successful

Private challenge Facebook group.

Stay in the know of what’s going on, chat with other challenge members, get regular motivational chats, fitness tips, weekly videos and more.

Every time you want to skip a workout or begin to doubt yourself, having access to this group will help you stay in the game. Life is busy and there will be times when you'll want to take the easy road and skip out on things, the support from the challenge group will help make sure that doesn't happen.

Weekly Nutrition & Fit Challenges

Your workouts are an hour long and you might do them 2-4 times a week…

What about the rest of the week?

When you’re not at the studio, you’ll have mini challenges to help create healthier lifestyle habits for big results. These don’t take a long time but make you more aware of your current habits and motivates you to make tweaks that can skyrocket your results.

A few examples might include drinking more water, eating a specific amount of vegetables each day, knocking out a few pushups when you wake up or going for a 10 minute walk. Simple tasks that pay off.

Tracking Books!?

You’ll receive a fitness book your first week where you can track anything and everything.

From your workout progress to your weekly challenges. This book is like MyFitnessPal for TTF. Having it will help hold you accountable and allow you to see the progress you’re making.

Weekly Chit-Chats

Each week, I’ll (Kindal) hop onto the private Facebook page to help how I can outside of the studio.

That could be a live Q/A, giving a tough love speech, a cooking demo, a grocery shopping haul, or extra bonus workout for a fun challenge.

I will work just as hard as I expect you to work to help you every step of the way! Just because you're not working out with me, doesn't mean I stop thinking about all the challengers. I want you to succeed just as much as you want to!


Tank tops, end of the challenge throw down party, new friends, and amazing results.

This challenge has helped hundreds of Charleston women and it can help you too.


Be An Early Bird

Registration is only open for 30 women and officially opens on June 3rd. BUT… you can sign up for the Early Bird Spots by clicking here and sharing with me your goal.

If you make it onto that EB list, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up on the 2nd and beat the rush! I want to do my best to help the women who are stoked about the Summer Slim, to get their spots. Is that you!?

Have a question about the challenge? I’d love to answer it.

Click CHALLENGE DETAILS to learn more and sign up for the Early Bird List (and you’ll receive Switch: A Substitution Guide).

Once you’re on the early bird list, I’ll email you personally to answer any questions you have.


Curious about the challenge? It doesn’t hurt to learn more!