Real Life - Jennifer Fahey Stopped  Yo-Yo Dieting & Became Stronger Than Ever

Real Life - Jennifer Fahey Stopped Yo-Yo Dieting & Became Stronger Than Ever

by Kindal Boyle

In one week, Jennifer will celebrate 2 years as part of our TTF family. In those two years, she’s gone from a fitness newbie to a fitness rock start!

Along the way her goals have changed from dreaming of losing weight to seeing how strong she can become and doing her first over obstacle race.

I knew I wanted to talk with Jen for the podcast. For 2 years, Dan (who coaches the classes she comes to) has bragged about this woman’s progress, how hard she works and how strong she’s become.

Normally, I would be sad not teaching her but to be honest, it made me more excited to sit down and talk because I knew so little. I wanted to learn Jen’s story, get to know her and let the conversation unfold as it would if two new friends were sitting down for a coffee date.

And it did just that.

In this episode, you’ll learn about her lifelong battle with weight, the yo-yo dieting she’s experienced and what finally worked to help her lose 30 pounds and manage her type 2 diabetes.

If you’re ready to be inspired, hit play:

If you don’t have time to listen to the show, then maybe you’d prefer the shortened synopsis.

Jennifer Fahey wasn’t always a fitness badass and inspiration to others. Trust me, I was shocked to hear this because if you saw this lady, her natural athletic build leads you to assume she had a fitness focus background.

It's Time For Change

This is Jen circa 2013...


She grew up overweight and constantly dieting.

In fact, the cabbage soup diet, 1200 calorie restriction diets, and other crazy food fads were a regular in her life. Of course, these methods lead to a weight that would rise and fall like the Charleston tides.

For years, walking was her main source of exercise to help maintain her weight and “stay in shape” but after the birth of her 2nd baby, she knew she needed something more.

Lucky for us, after seeing our ads pop up a dozen times on her Facebook feed, she signed up to try the studio.

Jen, like 80% of our new ladies, walked in with weight loss being her #1 motivator. At the time, she was taking 3 pills a day for her type II diabetes and her doctor point blank told her it was time for some lifestyle changes.

She made a promise to herself to be consistent at the gym, do better at home and to give herself time. No more quick fix diets, she was ready and determined to manage her health…

And she did!

And The Results Show


Today, Jen is 30 pounds lighter (since starting at TTF), taking only 1 pill for her diabetes (no insulin), and has had a change of motivation.

Instead of weight loss, her motivation comes from personal drive to see what she is capable of. For the 1st time in her life, she feels athletic and strong.

So strong, she’s competing in her first team obstacle course race, The Bulldog Challenge.

She’ll be joining 3 other fit friends to cover 6 miles and dozens of obstacles around the Citadel campus. Jen will be LIVING her fitness. Something that we are so passionate about at the studio.

It’s fantastic to get in shape, but even better to use that fitness to do cool things in life… like this race.

Jen, we are so proud of you. Proud of the consistency you show and the “just do it!” attitude you have.

Real Advice For Other Real Women Needing A Change


When I asked what advice she’d give others who know they need to start some sort of fitness but don’t know how to begin, her response?

“Just do it! Stop putting things off, no matter how scary it can seem, it’s not as scary as what can happen if you don’t take care of yourself.”

True that.

This is just scratching the surface of the entire podcast.

When you get the chance, I encourage you to listen to Jen’s full story as well as...

  • How she got her mom, Linda, working out with us.
  • As a pharmacist, we talk about pill popping and lifestyle choices she sees in her day to day life on the job. Seriously, this was an awesome chat that shouldn’t get overlooked!
  • How her lifestyle changes have/haven't affected her family's.
  • Future goals
  • And more!

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