Real Life: Erin Lost Over 25 Lbs & Started A Healthy Eating Blog

Real Life: Erin Lost Over 25 Lbs & Started A Healthy Eating Blog

by Kindal Boyle

May 2017, Erin walked into my James Island satellite class hesitant but ready to make changes.

With a friend as her sidekick and accountability partner, she committed to an 8-week challenge.

To make changes, YOU have to want them for yourself. You can’t do it for anyone else.

At some point, anyone that decides to change their body has an “enough is enough” moment.

Erin had hers.

She had gained weight since moving to Charleston (tired of the Missouri cold) and overall felt ‘meh’ about her body and health.

Tired, low on energy, and out of shape, she was over it.

So, in walked this woman who couldn’t do a single push up and to be honest…

After that first workout, which she didn’t exactly crush… I wasn’t entirely sure I’d see her again. We joke about it now because she hadn’t realized just how weak she’d become.

It was an eye opener. But an 8-week promise is a promise, she was committed.

Feel free to listen to Erin’s full story (she tells it much better) and continue reading to learn and see more about her transformation.

An 8 Week Transformation

After her 8-week challenge, Erin had lost over 10 pounds and gained strength she had never had before.

Instead of going out to dinner and drinks to celebrate, she ordered a new workout outfit from Four Athletics.

Something that would make her feel good about her progress and excited to continue. (I highly recommend this type of reward system!)

What makes me most proud…

Erin didn’t see her fitness journey as an 8 weeks one and done experience any more.

She committed to 8 weeks and by the end realized the benefits were too great not to make a lifestyle out of movement and healthy eating.


Seriously, Life Changing Results

It’s now been over a year since she’s been rocking at the studio and a lot has changed.

Now down over 25 pounds, and it’s no longer about weight loss but what she can accomplish with her body.

Remember when she couldn’t do a single pushup?

Now, it’s easy for her to knock out 20 straight. I’ve seen her run races, do 50 weighted squats without rest, and just recently, she hit a new goal of successfully doing her first pistol squat (a 1-legged squat).

Erin’s an inspiration to everyone around her… she’s the one they look at and say, “Man, I hope I get in THAT kind of shape!”

But it’s more than single exercises, it’s also been a huge wake up call to her overall health.

Check out the results of her bloodwork before she started at the studio and then after she has been working out and cleaning up her diet.

What a difference!


Something Erin Did Different

Like I mentioned, Erin attends my James Island class. This is a small group of women that meet 3 times a week at Dance Moves on Folly Road.

Which means they don’t meet a lot of other ladies that come to the main West Ashley studio. They could go their entire time as a member being pretty unknown with the “main community”.

Not Erin. She was community driven from the start.


Workouts are only one part of TTF, the other is community and if you become a part of it, it’s a huge force to help drive results.

Erin is known by almost every member.

In the private facebook group, she asks questions, shares’s recommendations, comments on other’s progress with affirmations and support.

She shows up to special events… our retreats (show above at Lake Keowee), field days, 5Ks, wine and weight workouts, Fitsgiving, capture the flag, and more!

She makes it a point to get the most out of the fit family we have and it makes a difference.

I tell so many people that you get out what you put in and Erin is the best example of that.

She’s not only transformed her body, but her life and made great friends along the way!

Oh, and did I mention she’s even started a healthy eating blog?


Arriving With Arugula

Erin’s always been a foodie (one of the reasons so moved to Charleston) but learning balance with healthy foods and splurgy foods was tough…

At first.

Now, Erin and her husband Brandon, are pros at making healthy, nourishing foods inspired by their old favorites.

There is an easy way to enjoy delicious food without guilt or feeling as if you’re ruining your results.

And Erin shares how through delicious recipes and photograms at her new blog Arriving With Arugula and her Instagram @ArrivingWithArugula.

Before closing this case study, I want to stress this: Erin isn’t a healthy eater 100% of the time. Over the past 1.5 years, she’s learned what it means to be balanced.

A balanced plan that allows beer/wine/pizza while still delivering the results that you’ve seen here.

It’s possible! And I’d love to help you get the results too. I won’t say that I’ll help you get Erin’s results because those are her’s. Your results will be your own with your own story.

If you have had your enough is enough moment and ready to forget the fads and experience something that works…

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