Real Life - Carol Bartlett’s Fear Caused Her To Transform

Real Life - Carol Bartlett’s Fear Caused Her To Transform

by Kindal Boyle

When Carol walked through our doors spring of 2018, she was uncoordinated and out of shape. She was overweight and very aware she needed to change her lifestyle.

But of course, she was scared.

Every woman who comes through the doors for the first time is scared. It’s normal, but it’s important to remember not to let fear stop you from taking action and creating change.

But the fear Carol faced that day wasn’t equal to the fear she had felt weeks earlier when she knew her fitness needed an upgrade. So she pushed the ‘new kid’ anxiety to the side and walked in for her first workout.

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If you don’t have time to listen to the show, then maybe you’d prefer the shortened synopsis. If you're not motivated and inspired by this amazing woman, then I don't know how to help you. Ha. She's incredible and we are so lucky she chose US to help her become stronger, fitter, and ready to protect herself.

Show Notes


She Wasn't Always Fit

Growing up, Carol was never into sports or fitness. In fact, she was born with a rare condition, a hole in her heart. With surgery, her heart was fixed but the idea of impact and intense sports never sounded like a great idea.

She stuck to walking for fitness and lived her life like most of us do, just going through the motions of dieting, not dieting, dieting, not dieting. Her whole life, her body yo-yo’d and so did her health.

In all other areas she was a strong, successful woman. She gave 100% to everything she did… her marriage, friendships, her job… you get the point. But not to herself.

We do that right? Most women put everything ahead of ourselves. It’s not right, but it’s normal.

One very early morning when it was still dark, Carol experienced something that lead her to change.


Fear Is Not Okay

Everyone has to have an “ah-ha” moment. That moment when you are tired of making excuses and ready to take action for yourself. No matter how scary it is, you know something needs to change.

When I asked what Carol’s moment was, I was surprised. I had no idea what her personal motivation had been and her response was different than any other I have heard.

She was pumping gas one morning when it was still dark and no one else was around. She’d done this before (as many of us have) but this time was different. Her 6th sense told her that something was off and she wasn’t safe.

At that moment she realized how out of shape and frail she was. How was she going to protect herself, what was she going to do if the situation did get dirty?

While some things are out of control, our confidence and strength are up to us. Carol realized that in that moment and decided it was time to do something. Luckily Carol drove off safe and sound that morning, but we all have moments of fear and want to know we can at least try our best to put up a fight should we ever find ourself in a bad situation.

She came to the studio shortly after and that’s really all she wrote.


From Helpless To Fearless

Over the past year, Carol has lost over 40 pounds and become a force to be reckoned with. She’s stronger, faster, fitter but above all more confident.

She’s participated in our annual beach events, attended a Live Your Fitness TTF Retreat (picture above), participated in nutrition classes, and truly taken on the role of what fitness means. It doesn’t mean becoming obsessed, doesn’t mean working out 5 times a day… it’s about balance.

Her skills she’s learned in the studio are skills that she’s taken into all areas of life, especially her professional life as a busy and successful principle.

One lesson that has stuck with her is one she learned in our online nutrition class…

If you trip while going up the stairs, do you get mad and throw yourself down the whole flight? Of course not! You stand up and don’t even give it another thought, you carry on getting to the next floor. But why do we do it so often with our health and fitness? We have one bad day and throw ourselves off the “fitness staircase”.

Remember, fitness is a lifestyle. Not something that is made or broken in a day. If you miss a workout or overindulge… so what. Get up and keep going.

This is only a snippet of what Carol and I talked about in the podcast. I hope you give this episode the attention it needs because there might just be a nugget or two that can help you. I know I finished the interview feeling inspired, driven and ready to take on the world.

Carol’s bottomline… if she can do this, you can too. Fitness isn’t for a select few. It’s for anyone that wants to take care of themselves. And that should be EVERYONE.


Now It's YOUR Turn

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