Real Life – Brittany Transformed To Be A Woman She Wants Her Daughter To Be Inspired By

Real Life – Brittany Transformed To Be A Woman She Wants Her Daughter To Be Inspired By

by Kindal Boyle

In February, Brittany will celebrate 3 years at This Time Fitness.

That’s a huge milestone and I’m honored that we have ladies like her that come through our door and remain a part of our fit family.

What started Brittany’s 41 pound transformation?

Continue reading to learn Brittany’s journey, or listen to it from Brittany herself:

Show Notes


Her weight gain didn’t happen overnight.

It was slow and steady. One day she saw some old pictures and was hit with the realization.

She suddenly didn’t recognize herself and she knew something had to change.

On top of her own body, her family history of being overweight and diabetes inspired her to be different.

As a mom to a baby girl, Brittany didn’t want her daughter seeing her struggle to be healthy. And of course, she wanted to be an example so that baby Parker wouldn’t have to struggle either.

So, change happened. She asked herself what she needed. She could go to a “normal” gym but she had tried that before. It was boring, she didn’t know what to do, and felt out of place among the “regulars”.

Brittany had loved group sports growing up and new the benefits of having a team, so when she saw an ad on Facebook for This Time Fitness and our upcoming 8-week challenge… she joined.



The support, coaching and workouts worked to make her consistent with her workouts and though her transformation wasn’t overnight, it’s been huge.

She’s lost 41 pounds and while that’s amazing… it’s so much more than that.

She’s strong, she’s confident and she’s living a lifestyle that she’s proud of and one that sets an example for her kiddo.

As a self proclaimed foodie, Brittany has mastered how to balance her favorite splurge meals (brunch downtown) with clean meals (from our nutrition group) to continue to see results with her figure, energy and strength.

This woman just got her first pull-up a few days a go. And this was someone who couldn’t do a push-up on day one. Now she’s lifting barbells, swinging kettlebells, and pulling herself up… doing moves she never thought she’d do with weights she never thought she’d lift.

It’s pretty amazing, but then again, it shouldn’t be… she’s pretty amazing.


What's Her Secret to Success?

No secret... rather... an "ah-ha" moment.

She had her “ah-ha” moment, that moment when you decide enough is enough. She set a small goal of working out for 8 weeks, completed that goal and made a new one.

The goals never stopped and neither did she.

The secret to all the success stories at This Time Fitness comes down to one word:


If you think you can’t do it, think again. You can. Just like Brittany, Beth, and Erin… if you put in the work, the results will happen.

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