Real Life: Beth Lost 150 Pounds To Create A Life Of Strength, Health & Happiness

Real Life: Beth Lost 150 Pounds To Create A Life Of Strength, Health & Happiness

by Kindal Boyle

I’m excited to share this real life transformation story.

Beth is an amazing inspiration to everyone and is the perfect example to show you’re not stuck. You can change.

Let her story inspire and motivate you!

June of 2015, this woman above walked through our doors to start an 8 week summer challenge.

“When I started at This Time Fitness, I thought I would sign up to just do an 8-week challenge. I assumed I’d workout for 8 weeks with the coaches, lose some weight and be done with the studio. After the challenge, I planned to finish my weight loss journey on my own. I was totally wrong, almost 3 years later I am still there.”

Beth has also shared her story on my podcast, The Fit Women's Weekly Podcast. If you’d rather listen to her story, check it out!


The Wake Up Call

When Beth started at the studio, she was almost 300 pounds.

She had just been diagnosed as being pre-diabetic and knew that if she didn’t change her life ASAP, then it would most likely be cut short due to the lifestyle choices she had made.

Aside from the health concerns, she wasn’t happy in her skin.

Growing up, Beth had been a nationally ranked tennis player and avid softball player. She was an athlete at heart but it seemed that part was gone forever.

She joined the studio with her SIL, determined to give everything she had for 8 weeks.

She could do anything for 8 weeks and worry about what came next after that.


Big Changes!

At first, Beth signed up for 8 classes a month (and averaged 2 classes/week).

That was her commitment.

She’d try to do extra workouts outside of the studio, but her non negotiable goal was to walk through our doors twice each week.

With consistent action, she began to see changes.

But it wasn’t just her workout habits…

Beth was fully aware that no matter how hard you workout, you can’t out exercise a poor diet.

“The first change I made was stopping my fast food habits. I cut back on eating out and focused on cutting back on sodas and fries”

And the 3rd piece of the puzzle was the support of This Time Fitness…

“The ladies around me, the coaches, the encouragement. I felt like I was back on a sports team! I found a tribe that pushed me to do more than I ever thought possible!”

Her lifestyle changed for the better.

Over that 8 week challenge, she dropped over 20 pounds and felt strong, capable, and healthy…

Something she hadn’t felt in a really long time.

The Results Kept Coming

I’m going to let Beth finish it up…

I don’t look anything like I did 4 years ago, but more importantly…

My life doesn’t look like it did 4 years ago.

  • I have lost 150 pounds!
  • I am no longer pre-diabetic!
  • I have raced in half marathons, OCR’s, climbed mountains and lived a life I could have only dreamt about.

This Time Fitness is more than a workout for me… it’s part of maintaining my health and fitness. It’s filled with friends, family and how I handle the stresses of life.

Even after all these years, I’m still seeing and feeling results. I’m continuously challenged and encouraged to aim bigger.

Like that time we did the Citadal’s Bulldog Challenge and won 1st place!


Finding A Tribe

I recently asked Beth, “what it is about this place that has helped you?”

Here’s what she wanted to share…

“It’s a combination of two things… the coaching and the community. When I started, I thought I’d be able to hide in the back and just go through the movements. I was wrong, so wrong! The trainers are invested in helping you, not just with fitness and weight loss, but all aspects of health, physical and mental. The support I received was above and beyond what I had gotten at other studios."

"It feels great when you’re huffing and puffing to suddenly hear, ‘you got this’;’you are strong!’; ‘you are killing it! Keep it up’."

"The positivity in the studio, especially after a long day at work, is very contagious.”


How Beth Lost 150 Pounds & Kept It Off

Thank you so much Beth for sharing your story! I’m inspired by this woman on a daily basis and I hope you are too.

What was her secret?

One word…


Over the past 3 years, she’s been consistent with her habits.

Consistent with her workouts and consistent with her healthy eating habits.

It doesn’t mean she doesn’t go through periods where she has to check herself and get back on track, that’s normal.

But the trick is that she gets back on track. She picks up where she left off and keeps moving ahead.

The secret to Beth’s results is that she wasn’t afraid to ask for help and continues to make herself a priority.

Through our challenges, nutrition coaching, and continued mentorship… this woman still amazes us!