6 Mistakes Women Make With Their New Year Fitness Resolutions

6 Mistakes Women Make With Their New Year Fitness Resolutions

by Kindal Boyle

If losing weight, toning up and improving your health this New Year is important to you, then make sure to avoid these 6 resolution mistakes.

Don’t worry, I’m also sharing what to do instead so you are successful!

(I had a blast sharing these mistakes on Facebook, so if you’d rather watch instead, here’s the entire replay.)

The 6 Things Not To Do With Your Resolutions

Mistake 1: Starting Too Gung Ho

It sounds like a great idea to workout every day to get fit. It’s not.

Doing too much too soon quickly becomes overwhelming!

Life is going to get in the way and when you can’t keep up with that initial goal, you’ll give up.

If you haven’t worked out in weeks, months, or years… anything is better than nothing.

Start with a goal that makes you think, “That’s simple! I can handle that!”

- Start by working out just 2-3 times per week for your first 6-8 weeks.

- Create a habit that fits into your life even when your schedule is busy. You can find time for 2-3 hours per week, right?

- Start small and build up as you fitness becomes a more routine part of your schedule.

You can see results from working out just 2 or 3 days per week (as long as your consistent). Women that start with our 8 week challenges with this schedule see HUGE results and you can too!

Mistake 2: Thinking Running Is Mandatory


Do you think that to be fit, you have to be able to run a 5K?

Don’t feel guilty if you can’t run or if you hate running. Cardio is NOT the answer for burning calories and losing inches.

Strength training is and most women avoid it because they don’t know how to get started.

Yes, running is easy but it’s not as efficient as strength training when it comes to improving your health.

Strength plays HUGE roll in increasing metabolism, improving bone density, burning body fat, increasing muscle tone to become a stronger, leaner, healthier woman.

How can you get started?

By finding a trainer to help you learn the fundamentals. Someone that can modify moves to help build confidence while simultaneously helping build strength and results.

Aside from the health benefits, lifting weight (whether it’s your own body, kettlebells, barbells, etc) is fun! You get a rush from accomplishing new moves and it’s a great way to see results fast.

Mistake 3: What Diet Are You Going To Do?


Keto, Paleo, Macro Counting, Whole30… Which should you choose?

Sure, these diets have a place for some, but I do not encourage anyone starting a fitness transformation to jump on the diet fad bandwagon.

It’s too much too soon. Changing nutrition is tough. You’ve eating a certain way for years and now expect to do a dietary 180 overnight? Nope. Chances are high you’ll (anyone would) give up after just a few days.

Set yourself up for success by making small changes.

Avoid eating out, spend 30 minutes on Sunday doing a little meal prep, plan out your lunches/dinners, eat more vegetables, drink less alcohol, etc.

There are ways to burn more calories than you take in without completely depriving yourself and feeling miserable just 72 hours in.

It used to upset me to see clients working so hard in the gym but not getting the results they wanted because of the food they ate. That’s why I started our Plan Smart Eat Real Nutrition Group. If nutrition is your hardest part, check it out! The next group starts on January 6th and only 10 spots are available.

Moving on…

Mistake 4: Wanting Results Too Fast


Has this ever happened to you...

You workout regularly for a couple of weeks and really fine tune your nutrition. Yet, when you step on the scale or look in the mirror it seems like nothing is happening. Do you think, “WTH… why do I even bother?”

And then it's easy to give up. You stop going to the gym and grab a pint of ice cream out of frustration.

Results aren’t going to happen over night, they come for consistent effort and hard work.

Yes, hard work. But hard work leads to results that stick and hard work makes you feel accomplished, proud and strong.

Just because things aren’t happening as fast as you’d like doesn’t mean they aren’t happening. Be patient.

This is why our challenges are 8 weeks and not 4. 4 weeks isn’t long enough. It takes 4 weeks for results to start, about 6 weeks for your clothes to start feeling different and around 8 weeks for others to notice.

Embrace the journey and the mini successes along the way.

Mistake 5: Going At It Solo


Most women think they can go at it alone without support, accountability or coaching. It’s hard, almost impossible.

It’s okay to ask for help and it’s okay to surround yourself with women who are going through the same process. Having a group to check in with, who will ask how things are going or offer words of support when things get tough (they will) is priceless.

The only caveat is if you pick a friend to do your fitness journey with and she gives up. Find a tribe that won’t give up on you or themselves.

I tell ladies all the time… the coaching at TTF is out of this world, but the community takes it to another level. A group of women to celebrate your successes and support you when things get tough!

Our private Facebook group is the ultimate support system. We celebrate one another’s successes and give words of encouragement when life tries to get in the way.

Mistake 6: Live Or Die By The Scale

Does the scale determine your happiness? Does it have the power to put you in a great mood or a terrible mood?

It does for a lot of women! A huge mistake I see is if the scale doesn’t budge, fears of failure and doubt creep up. You think what you’re doing isn’t work and you give up and jump to something else before you’ve really given yourself a real shot.

Focus on non-scale victories!

Celebrate the way you feel, the way your skin is glowing, the way your pants are feeling, the compliments your spouse is giving you, and the strides you make with your performance.

Not long ago, one of our ladies, Brittany, accomplished her first pull-up. Know what we did?

The entire class stopped what they were doing to clap and celebrate. She’s worked hard being consistent with workouts and nutrition and because of that it’s not just her body that has changed, her fitness has gone from non-existent to badass status. Those are the things to celebrate.

And yes, along the way her body lost 41 pounds of fat… but she stopped focusing on the number on the scale and just focused on her actions that lead to the changes.

(PS - Brittany started with an 8 week challenge just like our upcoming Muscles & Moxie!)

How Are You Going To Hit Your Goals?


Now that you have the 6 mistakes and know what to do, it is up to you to take action.

Doing something is better than nothing and small steps are better than huge ones.

You can most definitely go about your transformation how you want, with whoever you want… but I’d love to help you hit your goals.

On January 6th, we’re kicking off our annual New Year Challenge - Muscles & Moxie.

With it, my #1 goal is to make it as easy and fun as possible to achieve your goals. If you want to join in, I’d love to have you! We are only opening 25 spots.

But even if you don’t join us, find something that excites you and motivates you to stick with it. You can do this, I’m cheering you on!