5 Successful Women Share Their Body Transformation Secrets

5 Successful Women Share Their Body Transformation Secrets

by Kindal Boyle

These are the real "tricks" and secrets from real women at This Time Fitness. I know what you're thinking...

As opposed to fake women?

No… opposed to women who flaunt themselves on social media leading friends and followers to believe they got their body from some ridiculous miracle.

There’s good news… there are no miracles that are saved for a select few.

Results are achieved from taking action and the good news is, I’m about to share the specific actions that helped our clients see incredible results. Results you can get too.

This isn’t one of the 5, so we’ll consider it a bonus secret:

The ultimate secret to being successful (with anything) is to find people that have been successful in that area and do what they did. It’s entrepreneurship 101 and it works here too.

5 Success Secrets To Transforming Your Body

Erin’s Tip: Stop Being A Cardio Princess


For years, Erin relied on cardio for weight management. She thought to be fit, she needed to run and run more. But no matter how much cardio she did, her body didn’t change and she classified herself as “skinny fat”.

It wasn’t until she slowed down with the cardio, signed up for an 8 week challenge and added in strength training (at TTF) that her body morphed. She dropped 20 pounds, became more toned than ever, and finally saw her body become strong and fit.

FIT TIP: Cardio is great for heart health and endurance. It’s an important element for weight loss but it’s not the main for burning fat or toning muscle. The way to do those two things (especially simultaneously) is through strength training.

Strength training isn’t for people who have already lost weight and are looking to tone up. It’s for everyone… no matter what you fitness level is!

Brittany’s Tip: You Can’t Out Exercise A Bad Diet


Brittany was strong, fit, and healthy but her body wasn’t changing. She crushed workouts 4-5 days a week and thought because of the intensity and consistency of her workouts, she could eat whatever she wanted and still burn fat.

It wasn’t until she joined the Summer Slim Down and Plan Smart Eat Real group that her body changed… a lot! Brittany lost over 15 pounds by focusing on eating real, wholesome food and less processed foods (like donuts and cheese).

She always thought her body was meant to be where it was. It wasn’t until her nutrition changed that she realized she couldn’t out exercise her diet choices.

FIT TIP: No matter how hard you exercise, if you aren’t eating properly, you won’t see the results you want. Luckily, at the studio, we make this easy to pair so others get the results Brittany did.

Beth’s Tip: Be Consistent Even Once You Hit Your Goals


I’m not exaggerating... Beth has lost over 100 pounds. What’s her secret to losing it and keeping it off?


Exercise and healthy habits don’t stop the moment you hit your goals. Doing that will have all the results you worked for leave faster than you can say, “I need a workout!”.

Exercise and nutrition is a lifestyle that Beth embraced. For over 4 years, she has worked out 3-5 times per week.

To get results… get started and be consistent. To keep those results? The same!

FIT TIP: When you first start, it doesn’t matter if you only workout 2 days a week or 4. What matters is you set a schedule for yourself you can continue with. A huge mistake I see women make is saying they’re going to workout more than they actually can due to their schedules. When they can’t hit those goals, they give up.

Don’t give up. Be realistic with what you can start with!

Chrissy’s Tip: Slow It Down To Speed It Up


Chrissy was getting caught up in trying to speed through every workout. That’s great if all you want to do is sweat, but if you want to get stronger, leaner and fitter… sometimes you need to slow down.

That’s what we did with Chrissy. I had her increase her weights which meant sometimes her reps would be slower and she found herself resting/shaking out.

That’s okay. By doing harder moves, she couldn’t speed through, she started to see progress and amazing muscle tone!

FIT TIP: Slow down, focus more on form and less on speed to make sure you’re working the muscles properly and progressing.

Finishing a workout is great, but if you have nothing to show for it, what’s the point?

Heather’s Tip: Embrace The Suck


That sounds terrible but it’s not: the only way to change is to make changes.

If what you’re doing now isn’t working, it’s time to do something else.

Exercise delivers results by putting stress on the body. To put that stress on the body, you have to become a little uncomfortable and challenge the body.

It wasn’t immediate, but once Heather mastered form… it was time to up the intensity. What changed her body was her determination to give her all to each workout. She lifted heavier, trusted her trainers at what they knew she was/is capable of and went for it.

Sometimes workouts are hard and it’s easy to want to give up when you’re giving your all. But when you see results start to form, you smile because you know you’re a badass.

FIT TIP: Working out without a coach or group makes this hard. It’s easy to back down and go light. It’s easy to cut workouts short and it’s easy to modify workouts even when you know deep down you shouldn’t. Having a coach and accountability group helps keep you in the realm of change!

Ready To Take Action?

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