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7 New Year Resolution Ideas Holding Most Women From Hitting Their Body Goals

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Ignite, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Strength Training | 0 comments

If losing weight, toning up and improving your health this New Year is important to you, then make sure to avoid these 7 resolution mistakes.

Don’t worry, I want you to be successful so I’m also sharing what to do instead.

(I had a blast sharing these mistakes live on Facebook, so if you’d rather watch than read,
here’s the entire replay.)

The 7 Mistakes To Avoid This New Year

Mistake 1: Trying To Conquer Your Body In 14 Days

new years ignite challenge

It sounds like a great idea to workout every day to get fit as fast as you ca. It’s not… and what’s the rush?

Doing too much too soon quickly becomes overwhelming!

Life is going to get in the way. And when you can’t keep up with a demanding workout schedule, you’ll probably give up.

If you haven’t worked out in weeks, months, or years… doing something is better than nothing.

Start with a goal that makes you say, “That’s doable! I can succeed doing this!”.

  • Start by working out just 2-3 times per week for your first 6-8 weeks.
  • Create a habit that fits into your life even when your schedule is busy. You can find time for 2-3 hours per week, right?
  • Start small and build up as you fitness becomes a more routine part of your schedule.
You might feel like you should be doing more. But this isn’t a race.

Most women quit… I don’t want you to be one of those women.

Start small. If you want the accountability to help you start small and make a consistent habit as you start in the New Year, you will love our Ignite Your New Year Challenge. It’s 8 weeks long. So all you have to worry about when you join… is the next 8 weeks. That’s it. We’ll take it one week at a time.

Mistake 2: Run… Run… Run… Run….

Resistance training and weight training can be intimidating.

Maybe you feel too out of shape or you don’t know how?

This is why most women run.

But did you know, running, especially when you lack strength causes muscle imbalance… joint imbalance… and joint point?

STRENGTH train first…

  • You learn mobility and how to position your body.
  • You build muscle mass and stronger joints.
  • You focus on body fat loss which decreases the weight on your joints.
  • Plus a lot more!

Strength training when mixed with the right style of cardio… can burn more calories during a workout and long after because of a process called delayed onset muscle soreness.

Believe it or not… this means your body will be burning calories even while you’re watching Netflix.

Do you want to learn the right style of strength and cardio training?

Join the Ignite Your New Year Challenge and I’ll design your workouts for you.

I’ll help teach how to move correctly… how to improve your balance… range of motion… and of course your strength.

Click here to learn more and join up before all the spots are gone.

Mistake 3: Going to the Food Extreme

new year challenge

Keto… Paleo… Macros… Whole 30… which one is the best?

How about none of them?

These “methods” have their place. But get full control over how you eat first… then you can experiment with these methods.

Just like with exercise, life is crazy… and the minute you have a busy week… you’ll slip back into your old nutrition habits because of stress… time restrictions… and frustration.

Don’t Go Extreme… Go Small!

Start by practicing the small things…

  • Eat out two times less per week.
  • Plan and prep three dinners every week.
  • Eat one handful of veggies everyday.
  • Track the food you eat… not your calories.

Do small things you can do consistently. Every week.

This way you won’t drive yourself crazy.

When you pair simple… and small… nutrition actions with exercise you will accelerate your results like crazy.

Start Small And Add In Accountability

Join my Plan Smart Eat Real Nutrition Group. I have a new session starting January 7th.

This is small nutrition group training. I’ve designed an 8 week meal planning and coaching program to help you succeed without going to the extreme.

Click here to learn more about it and join before all the spots are gone.

Mistake 4: Focusing On The BIG Goal Only

new year challenge
You need a BIG goal… a DREAM goal. You need something to inspire you… to make you dream a little… to motivate you. If you don’t have a BIG goal you’ll never hit any BIG goals. BUT…

Small goals come first!!!

Small goals you can focus on… small goals you can check off every week… small goes that deliver the BIG goal.

For example:

  • I commit to doing at least 3 workouts every week.
  • I commit to stretching twice per week.
  • I commit to brining my lunch to work with me every day.

These are goals you can checkoff at the end of the week. You either did them or you didn’t.

And if you do these small goals… week… after week… after week…

You will get to your DREAM goal.

Do you want help hitting small goals?

Join the Ignite Your New Year Challenge. Every week of the challenge, I’ve set up small goals for you.

You’ll get one fitness goal… and one nutrition goal. If you do these goals along with come to your classes every week… guess what?

By the end of 8 weeks, you’ll have achieved one of your BIG goals.

Mistake 5: Expecting a New Body In 2 Weeks

new year challenge
The media… advertisements… and magazines… every single month have headlines of FAST results. I’m sure you know this… they’re a lie. There wouldn’t be an obesity epidemic if it only took two weeks to lose 14 pounds. But these false and twisted stories make you think you should lose weight that fast… and if you’re not then you’re doing something wrong.

Don’t fall for this crap.

There’s only one thing you need to focus on. If you do, you’ll achieve any results you want…


Start small… do the small things week after week… and over months add to these small things and you’ll change your body.

How long does it take to get results?

It really starts around 6 weeks… and the first big transformation happens around 8 weeks.

8 weeks isn’t a very long time. That’s why the Ignite Your New Year Challenge is 8 weeks long.

So you can do it… achieve results and belief… and then keep going because they don’t call it a lifestyle for nothing.

Mistake 6: Nothing worth it in life is accomplished alone

new year challenge
  • Being a parent…
  • Getting a new job…
  • Moving to a new city…
  • Starting a business…
  • Ending relationships…

None of these things are done alone. Support… motivation… somebody to talk to… it’s required.

Exercise… eating healthier… and transforming your body is NOT something you do alone.

And do you know what’s messed up?

Most of the time, it’s the people closest to us that give us flack… that try to talk us into a cheat meal… that aren’t there when we need strength.

You need to find a community.

Women, like you, who are going through the same program… the same classes… who attend the same gym…

Knowing somebody is there waiting for you… relying on you… looking to you for their support…

This is what will get you through the temptations… the low points… and the celebrations too.

Find your group. It will make all the difference.

Come join our family

Join the Ignite Your New Year Challenge and be part of a family of women…

  • Doing the same classes…
  • Doing the same challenges…
  • Working out and sweating together…
  • Holding each other accountable every day.

Click here and lock in your spot because they are going fast.

Mistake 7: Stop Ruining Your Mornings

How often do you step on the scale?

  • Once a week?
  • A couple times a month?
  • Never?
  • Once every morning?

Over decades we’ve been brainwashed by media and advertisements to believe the scale equals fitness… sexiness… self worth… confidence…

It’s all BS!!!

The scale means NOTHING.

Think about this… it’s weighing your bones… muscle… fat… water… organs… blood… your brain… all the food that’s being digested in your body…

When you think about that… the number on the scale means NOTHING!

  • Don’t let a meaning less number give you permission to be confident… or not confident for the day.
  • Don’t let some number tell you if you’re sexy or not.
  • Don’t let some number pump you up or bring you down.

Focus on the small things. The things you can control every single week.

Get those done and everything else will take care of itself.

Let’s Recap…

Wether you join the Ignite Your New Year Challenge at my studio or not…

Promise me you’ll focus on these tips during the New Year. It does’t matter where you workout… they will work for you.

1. Don’t try to do everything… start small. Focus on only 2 to 3 things.
2. Don’t start with running… start with strength so you can run hard later.
3. Don’t go to the food extreme… start with the easy changes and get control of your nutrition life first.
4. Don’t focus on the big goal… have a big goal… but focus on the weekly goals you have direct control over.
5. Exercise patience… do the small things every week and you’ll get results. I think 8 weeks is fast. And it’s realistic.
6. Don’t go it alone… I need help… we all do.
7. Don’t give your self belief… confidence… and worth over to a pice of technology.

Where Will You Be On March 1st?

That’s not far away. Think about it… the weather will still be cold outside. Maybe we’ll have some of those warm days. All your co-workers and friends will be frantically thinking about getting in shape for beach season. And guess what?
  • You’ll already be in amazing shape.
  • You’ll be pounds lighter.
  • You’ll be magnitudes stronger and more energetic.
  • You’ll be living a healthy… fit… energized lifestyle.
And that’s on March 1st. The time is going to pass regardless. March 1st is going to come. And you can either be right where you are now… of you can have more control of your habits… your body… your mindset.
  • You can have healthy, optimistic new friendships.
  • You can have an exercise routine that makes you feel incredible every week.
  • You can take back your self esteem… you can feel confident again… and you can go shopping for those clothes you’ve always wanted to buy.
Getting fit can do all of this. It’s the foundation for a happy life. Join the Ignite Your New Year Challenge and get the right start. I hope you join today and lock in your spot. I’ll be there to help you… coach you… train you… support you… teach you… and make sure you achieve your DREAM goal.

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