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5 Ways To Stay Strong With Your Resolutions

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Lifestyle, Nutrition | 0 comments

We’re officially in January which means the newness of resolutions may be wearing off.

For 46% of goal makers, the end of January is the end of resolutions.

Those great intentions are forgotten, the mojo is gone, and life continues on as it had before the ball dropped.

If you’re starting to see yourself slide back into old habits, these tips are for you.

If you’re still on the resolution train, great! Stay full steam ahead with the tips below.

The 5 Ways To Stay Motivated With Your Resolutions

Tip 1: Remember Your Why

whats your why

Most people give up because their ‘why’ isn’t good enough.

  • Why did you set your goal?
  • What was it you wanted to accomplish?

Go deep here and figure out the emotions behind the goals.

If you want to lose weight… WHY?

It’s not to fit into smaller clothes. That’s a reason, but it’s just scratching the surface.

  • WHY do you want to be smaller?
  • What is it about how you look/feel now that makes you want to change.
  • Be honest with yourself, be vulnerable.

You need a why that sparks emotion.

Write your why’s down.

This is a step that is neglected by most people, and a reason why you can succeed when others give up.

You need a why that sparks emotion.

Write your why’s down.

This is a step that is neglected by most people, and a reason why you can succeed when others give up.

Your reasons have to be bigger than your excuses.

Write them down and post them where you can see them every day.

Tip 2: One mess up isn’t failing

goals and resolutions

Whether your goal is to eat better, workout more, drink less, or give up cussing… you’re not going to be perfect. You will fall off the wagon.

Don’t give up after one little mess up and think you’re not capable.

You’re human.

Eating 100% healthy isn’t possible and isn’t expected, food is meant to be enjoyed.

Working out 5 days a week isn’t always going to happen.

Sometimes you need a glass of wine at the end of a long day.

And let’s face it… when you’re stuck in traffic, sometimes words are going to slip out.

Instead of thinking you’re failing…

Give yourself some grace and say…

“Whelp, what’s done is done. I’ll have the opportunity to make a new decision soon.”

Tip 3: Stop The “I can’t” or “I’m not allowed” Mentality


If you tell a toddler not to touch something, what happens?

They do EVERYTHING in their power to touch it. It’s all they can think about it.

The same is true with adults.

If you demand restrictions, you’ll become obsessed.

For example:

  • If you tell yourself you can’t have a brownie at your work party, all you’ll focus on is the brownie.
  • You might leave the party successful, but you’ll still think about how much you want it.
  • Then, one day, you’ll see a box of brownies at the story and before you know what’s happening, you’ve got an empty carton and crumbs on your face.

Instead, decide what you want to do.

Make it a conscious decision to choose the actions that will help you hit your goals.

Instead, decide what you WANT!

Make it a conscious decision to choose the actions that will help you hit your goals by changing how you phrase your actions. 

Instead of what you can’t do, say what you want or don’t want to do. Give yourself the power of your choices versus the food/activity.

The Want Formula

Here’s a simple formula to take charge of your decisions…

“I don’t want ____ because it makes me feel _____.”

For example, “I don’t want the brownie because I’ll feel blah and bloated.”

With the ‘want’ tossed in, it’s not a conscious decison. Not a demand. With the ‘because’, you’re reminding yourself of your why.

Tip 4:Celebrate Milestones… Big & Small

new year challenge

Don’t be afraid to celebrate your success!

  • If you hit your goals for an entire week… go get a manicure.
  • If you go an entire month… go get a new pair of workout leggings.
  • If you hit your BIG goal… do something big! 

And don’t be afraid to share your progress and success with others.

This is the benefit of having a support system and workout partner at This Time Fitness, but something every woman should have.

Share with someone that will give you a high five and understand how great you’re doing.

The One Thing To Avoid With Celebrations

Don’t celebrate with thing you’re trying to get better at.

  • If your goal is to lose weight, don’t treat yo’self to ice cream or pizza.
  • If you’re trying to quit smoking, don’t smoke a cigarette thinking, “I’ll just have 1!”
  • If you’ve worked out 3 times a week for a month, don’t take a week long vacation from the gym.

Remind yourself how great you’re doing and keep doing it.

Celebrate with things that are unrelated but make you happy!

Tip 5: Keep A Visual Of Your Success

new year challenge
This is so easy and incredibly powerful. If you haven’t already, start now. Grab a calendar or planner and start marking down the days you successfully accomplished your goal.

A streak starts with day 1.

Then day 2.

After several days, you’ll feel motivated to keep the streak alive because who wants to break a streak?

Of course, you’ll have a day where you don’t get to give yourself a check mark.

Just remember, you didn’t fail.


How Long Can You Make Your Streak Last?

If your streak comes to an end, start over and see if you can get further than you did before.

Also, a streak doesn’t have to be consecutive days. If you told yourself you’d workout 3 times per week, each week you do it… that’s another check mark.

It turns into a game you can play all year long.

Let’s Recap…

Wether you try 14 days at my studio or not…

Hopefully these 5 tips help you stick to your resolutions or maybe even motivate you to get started.  Just because the year is in full swing, doesn’t mean you can’t begin now. 
Use these to help get you through the beginning, which is the hardest part and you’ll be gold. 

1. Remember your why. Go deep and figure out the emotional whys behind your goals.

2. You haven’t failed if you mess up. You’re human. Get back on track and move on.

3. Stop with “I can’t” mentality. Decide what you want and don’t want to do to give a better, long term mindset for success.

4. Celebrate milestones, even the small ones. Don’t downplay the achievements to reach on your way to hitting your goal! Treat yourself.

5. Create a visual board of your success. Start streaks and see how far you can go. A fun way to stay on top of things.

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