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8 Weeks To Shake Things Up… Reset… And Lose 8… 12… 16 or More Pounds?

Yeah! You Can… When You Join this year’s

Summer Shred Challenge!

Starts June 4th

What is the Summer Shred Challenge?

This Time Fitness Summer Shred is an eight week workout, nutrition, and accountability challenge helping you burn 8… 12… 16 or more pounds while getting insanely strong.

It’s not about overwhelming you or unrealistic expectations.

It’s a doable, balanced approach to exercise and nutrition that burns body fat… builds strength and muscle… and creates a long term fitness habit.

I lost 10 lbs and 2 inches during the challenge. It was AMAZING!

I’d definitely recommend doing a challenge. If only to see what you’re capable of, but also because if you follow it you will see results. Rheanne Burns

West Ashley

What Do I Get As A Challenge Member?

Personalized small group training at our West Ashley studio for 8 weeks.

Go to any workout class you want based on your schedule and membership level (see below).

Tracking notebook to say accountable.

Write down your workouts, food, and mood because what you track improves.

Access to the trainers outside of class for questions.

What do you do if you’re really sore? What should you do if you’re going out to eat? What should you do if your shoulder is hurting? Ask me and I’ll help.

Weekly, high impact fitness and nutrition challenges.

You don’t have to overhaul your entire diet to burn fat. I’ll show you the easy, small things that really move the needle.

Private Summer Shred Facebook Group

Getting fit, strong and healthy isn’t done alone. Use our tight community to hold you accountable and help you through obstacles.

Weekly video nutrition coaching lesson from me.

Learn what I buy to stay healthy… the brands… the ingredients… the ideas to make eating healthy easier.

Starts June 4th

Plus an Super Cute Fitness Tank!

And The End of Challenge Field Day Event

How Do I Succeed… Maybe Win The Challenge?

Improving on the assessment workout.

Get faster and stronger over the 8 weeks and beat YOUR workout numbers for the assessment workout.

Completing each weekly fitness and nutrition challenge.

Each week I’ll ask you to checkin on the Facebook Group. Make sure you can say YES I did it!

Coming to all of your classes for the month.

If you come to class… you will get results. It’s as simple as that.

And your overall transformation.

Do the things above and I promise you’ll transform your body. You will lose 8… 12… 16 or more pounds.

This year I have something special planned…

Something to help you stay accountable and ensure you transform your body. Plus it’s going to make things a lot more fun!

But I’m keeping this a secret until we get stared.

What is a workout class like?

(Select the tab to learn more about each class)
The first 10 minutes is a warmup to get your blood flowing and body temperature up.

Then I’ll explain the main workout for the day and we’ll get started immediately.

Our workouts are metabolic strength training. This means you’ll go from one exercise to the next with little to no rest. Your heart rate will soar and your muscles will burn.

It’s the only form of exercise proven to burn fat and build lean muscle mass as the same time.

During the workout I will work with you personally so we’re always moving towards your goals.

And finally, with 10 minutes left we’ll cool things down with a strength and mobility session.

This is an hour long vinyasa yoga class taught by Jen, our resident yoga teacher. She brings a focus on joint mobility and health to help you recover from your workouts.

This is an all levels yoga class focusing on mobility and not crazy inversions.

Starts June 4th

Every workout is completely different… not just exercises, but design. You’ll be challenged and you’ll have fun!

Here’s where our studio is located…

2408 Ashley River Road Suite G | Charleston | SC | 29407

This Time Fitness

Get strong. Get lean!

Here’s where our studio is located…

2408 Ashley River Road Suite G | Charleston | SC | 29407

This Time Fitness

Get strong. Get lean!

Our class schedule is easy and convenient:

Weekly Body Burn Classes

Weekly YOGA Classes

february, 2019



fri 1

sat 2

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21feb6:15 am7:15 amBody Burn AmpedThursday 6:15 Class

21feb9:30 am10:30 amBody Burn AmpedThursday 9:30 Class

21feb4:30 pm5:30 pmBody Burn AmpedThursday 4:30 Class

21feb5:30 pm6:30 pmBody Burn AmpedThursday 5:30 Class

21feb6:30 pm7:30 pmBody Burn AmpedThursday 6:30 Class

21feb7:30 pm8:30 pmBody Burn AmpedThursday 7:30 Class

How do I sign up?

There are two ways you can commit to your fit…

June 4th Is Almost Here!








Reserve Your Spot

$35 is the challenge fee. This includes your tank and entry into the end of challenge field day.

It will also lock your spot in the challenge.

Once the challenge starts you will pay two normal monthly payments based on your membership plan.

Choose your membership plan.
Only $35 is due today!
Do you have questions and you want to talk to me directly before locking in your spot?

Fill out the form below and we can set up a time.

You are reserving your spot for the 8 week challenge. As a member of the challenge you will have two payments of your membership plan 30 days apart. Your first payment is due on the first day of the challenge. After the 8 week challenge, I hope you continue to come to This Time Fitness, but you will have to resign up to do that.

Summer Shred Challenge!

I had reached a point where I knew I needed to make a change and I hadn’t been able to start by myself. I wanted help and I knew if I paid for a full 8 weeks I would stick it out.

The Challenge changed my life. It kick started a transformation. I’ve lost over 23 pounds. I’m strong now. But it also started a fitness lifestyle. I’ve continued to come to This Time Fitness for over the past year. Don’t miss out on this chance. Erin Taylor

James Island

The summer challenge will always hold a special place in my heart. That’s when I discovered a place like This Time Fitness could actually change my body and help me lose weight!

The Summer Challenge was the first time I worked out at This Time Fitness (2 years ago) and it’s my favorite because there is more buzz in the studi0. More people seem to participate and that makes it more fun for everyone.

Join because you will transform your body if you just do what they say. Meagan Powell

Goose Creek

Starts June 4th

Frequently Asked Questions:

I'm really out of shape. Will I be able to do this?
Of course.

In fact, this is what makes us so different. We are certified personal trainers and we’ve been training for over a decade.

We will help you get started at your pace. We’ll teach you proper form and give you drills to achieve the right positions.

This is as close to one-on-one personal training as you can get without actually hiring me privately.

Do I need to arrive early to my first class?

There is no need to arrive more than 5 minutes before class time. There is no additional paperwork after your registration and you’ll have plenty of time to chat with your coach. 

Your coach will ask you before class starts, but if you have any injuries or restrictions make sure to let us know.

What do I need to bring (and wear) to class?

Wear fitness clothes that you are comfortable in. A good supportive sports bra is always helpful and a pair of shoes in good condition. 

As for what to bring, a water bottle is all you need. Some ladies love having a small towel as well, but that’s personal preference. 

We will have everything else you need!

Can I start before June 4th?

Absolutely! Once you are registered we can get you started asap and pro-rate your membership costs to fit the window of your sign-up date to the start of the challenge.

To start sooner, simply complete registration above, and email Kindal at kindal@thistimefitness.com and she’ll get you all set up! 

Just curious, what's the level of fitness for most of the ladies?

That’s the great thing about TTF. We have ladies of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels. 

There is no one answer for this because every class is mixed. Some ladies have never worked out before, while others are seasoned pros looking to up their goals and skills.

But regardless, there is no judgement and everyone is supportive of one another! Nothing to be nervous about.

This Time Fitness