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14 Days of Unlimited Classes to Kick Start Your Results!

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Quote It's Been a While Since I Last Worked Out Can I Keep Up?Its been a while since I last worked out... Can I keep up?
Quote I'm a Beginner. Will I Get The Help I Need?I’m a beginner. Will I get the helpI need to see results?
Quote I'm Looking for Workouts That Challenge MeI’m looking for workoutsthat will challenge me!
Quote I Want Workouts That Are Fun and DifferentI’m want workouts thatare fun and different!

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Do You Fall?

I created This Time Fitness for women who want more than a generic workout.

Women who want...

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    Personalized training...

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    One-on-one support…

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    Real community...

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    Results that last!

This Time

You Found It!

Come try unlimited

workouts for the

next 14 days!

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1. Get Unlimited Classes

You have 14 days of unlimited classes including our Need for Speed running class and our weekend yoga classes.

Try different classes... experience different trainers... and meet other amazing women that make up This Time Fitness.

2. This is About You

The 14 days are about you. We will get to know where you are… your current mobility levels... your strength... cardio... and mindset.

So if you join, we can challenge you to your fitness level and accelerate your results!

3. This is Family

Our members are insanely supportive. They build each other up… give high fives… encourage and push each other.

This is your chance to meet many of them and begin making new friends!

Get Your 14 Days

of unlimited classes

For Only $14!

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    You'll get the right type of workout

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    You'll get the challenge you deserve

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    You'll have a ton of fun!

Fill out the short form below so I can make sure you’re ready for your first class.

After you fill out the quiz… you can complete your 14 day signup on our ZenPlanner membership app. This will NOT auto-renew after your 14 day trial.

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What is your #1 goal right now?

Why is getting healthy and fit a priority for you at this moment?


How often can I sign up for this 14 day trial?
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This is only open to first time visitors of This Time Fitness. If you have signed up before, you cannot resign up for another 14 days.

Why do I have to pay $14... other gyms have free trials?
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We don’t offer free trials for two reasons…

  1. Most women who sign up for a free trial never show up and this causes massive administration issues for us.

  2. We have a limited membership and want to attract women who are serious about taking action and making the changes necessary to transform their body and life.

The choice is yours.

What if I’m a total beginner?
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Because we cap our classes at 12 women, we're able to train you personally... give you modifications... and help you through the workout.

So do not be scared to sign up.

We also offer a beginner program called Ignite. It might be the perfect way for you to get started with your new exercise habit.

What classes does the trial cover?
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You can come to any class we offer. This includes Body Burn… Need for Speed… and our yoga classes.

I suggest you come to different classes and days so you can meet our trainers and the majority of our members.