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Are You Ready for Something Different?

Get a 14 Day Trial of Unlimited Classes for Only $14

Why is 14 days best?

Because it’s scary coming to your first class at a studio you’ve never been to before.

14 days gives you time to settle in, experience different workout sessions, and meet a lot of our members.

Plus we’ll get to know your body so you can start improving immediately.

What do you get when you sign up?

Come to as many classes as you want during your 14 Day Fat Burn trial. This includes our yoga classes and our train like an athlete weekend classes.

Try different class times and find the schedule that will work best for you.

What is a workout class like?

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The first 10 minutes is a warmup to get your blood flowing and body temperature up.

Then I’ll explain the main workout for the day and we’ll get started immediately.

Our workouts are metabolic strength training. This means you’ll go from one exercise to the next with little to no rest. Your heart rate will soar and your muscles will burn.

It’s the only form of exercise proven to burn fat and build lean muscle mass as the same time.

During the workout I will work with you personally so we’re always moving towards your goals.

And finally, with 10 minutes left we’ll cool things down with a strength and mobility session.

This is an hour long vinyasa yoga class taught by Jen, our resident yoga teacher. She brings a focus on joint mobility and health to help you recover from your workouts.

This is an all levels yoga class focusing on mobility and not crazy inversions.

What makes us different?

Custom workout designs

We’ve designed workouts for top magazines and other trainers across the country. Now you get to experience a fresh, fun, and new workout every time you come.

Pure Strength Training

Pure muscle burning strength training. Muscle is the fountain of youth. Muscle eats fat. Muscle shapes a tight lean body. We focus heavily on functional strength.

Kettlebell Certified

We’re certified kettlebell instructors and coaches. So if you’re looking for a new challenge and the next level of strength. Come in a hang on for the ride.

High Intensity Training

Heart pounding cardio training but not in the traditional sense. We don’t use treadmills or ellipticals but we will get your heart rate rocking so you torch calories.

Certifed Trainers

We are certified trainers so if you’re just getting back into exercise, we’ll teach you, train you, and help you learn form and proper positions for faster results.

Nutrition Certified

I am a certified nutrition coach through Venice nutrition. I can help answer your questions and get you started on eating cleaner and simpler.

Hi, I’m Kindal Boyle

Russian Kettlebell Certified
Kettlebell Athletic Certified
Venice Nutrition Coach
I’ve been training women for over a decade. I’ve helped college athletes… to moms… to women in their 70’s burn fat and get strong.

I used to be 32 pounds overweight. I’ve suffered through anorexia and exercise addiction.

I’ve taken my experiences and put them into This Time Fitness to teach women how to live healthy and exercise healthy.

I want you to join me.

Here’s where our studio is located…

2408 Ashley River Road Suite G | Charleston | SC | 29407

This Time Fitness

Get strong. Get lean!

Here’s where our studio is located…

2408 Ashley River Road Suite G | Charleston | SC | 29407

This Time Fitness

Get strong. Get lean!

Our class schedule is easy and convenient:

Weekly Body Burn Classes

Weekly YOGA Classes

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17jul9:30 am10:30 amBody Burn AmpedTuesday 9:30 Class

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17jul5:30 pm6:30 pmBody Burn AmpedTuesday 5:30 Class

17jul6:30 pm7:30 pmBody Burn AmpedTuesday 6:30 Class

17jul7:30 pm8:30 pmBody Burn AmpedTuesday 7:30 Class

Step 1 – What Is Your Fitness Blueprint?

Tell me what motivates you? Where are you now in your fitness journey? Where do you want to get to? And do you have any injuries we should know about?

This helps me get ready so when you come in we can get started immediately!