this time fitness
Have you been thinking…
“I Need a Fresh Kick Start. It’s Time For A Change”?

Something to rev up your metabolism… burn body fat… build strength… so you can get back into smaller clothes and have more energy?

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Yes? The 14 Day Kick Start is for you!

14 days of unlimited classes (including yoga) for $14

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Our Classes Include:

Body Burn Amped Class
  • Our 60 minutes high intensity strength training class.
  • Specifically designed to burn hundreds of calories simultaneously focusing on building strength.
  • Each class is capped at 12 women. Make sure you’re one of them!
Athletic Recovery Yoga
  • A 60 minute vinyasa flow yoga class
  • Take your joints through their full range of motion while improving flexibility.
  • Recovery faster to accelerate your results.

Weekly Body Burn Classes

Weekly Yoga Classes

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t exercised in 3months, 6 months, maybe even longer…
We will train you… coach you… and support you!

#1 – You show up and you’ll have a real certified personal trainer.

Dan (my husband), and myself are both certified personal trainers, not group fitness instructors. We are both certified kettlebell coaches too.

We know what we’re doing and we’ll help you ease back into a workout or push you hard depending on your current level of fitness and mobility.

#2 – You get a brand new, custom workout every class during your week.

We don’t follow templates or repetitive workout systems. We custom design our own workouts ranging from heart pounding Cardio Mondays to heavy strength training days.

#3 – You will learn.

We will teach you proper form and movement so you can workout harder with less risk of injury. Plus we’ll answer any question you have so you know if we are the right fit for you.

Why 14 Days?
What are you going to learn from attending one class?

Not much and that’s why I created the 14 Day Kick Start.

Now you can come in for unlimited classes for 14 days and really get a feel for what This Time Fitness is all about.

We can see your current fitness level and start training you so you improve faster.

Plus because you’re paying $14, it’s harder for you to push off.

It gives you a sense of, “Okay, I’m committed. Let’s do this!”

Where Are We Located?
2408 Ashley River Road Suite G | Charleston SC | 29407

This Time Fitness

2408 Ashley River Rd Suite G
Charleston, SC 29407
Class Schedule

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23apr6:15 am7:15 amBody Burn AmpedMonday 6:15 Class

23apr9:30 am10:30 amBody Burn AmpedMonday 9:30 Class

23apr4:30 pm5:30 pmBody Burn AmpedMonday 4:30 Class

23apr5:30 pm6:30 pmBody Burn AmpedMonday 5:30 Class

23apr6:30 pm7:30 pmBody Burn AmpedMonday 6:30 Class

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Are You Ready For Something New?
Take the short quiz below so I can better prepare for how to structure your first workout.

It takes less than one minute to complete the quiz. When you’re done, I will show you how to create your 14 day account in our membership software.

This will allow you to register for classes and safe your spot.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Don’t Take My Word For It…
Frequently Asked Worries
I'm too out of shape to do this

You may be out of shape, but you are NOT too out of shape to do this class.

What makes us different is our trainers. We are real certified, experienced trainers who can help modify and change the workout to suit your body.

You may be out of shape now, but you won’t be for long if you keep coming.

I don't want to hold everybody up and slow the class down

You won’t slow everybody else down in class. Our classes are different.

Because we train and design our own workouts, you’ll find you can go at your own pace. You aren’t put into a situation where you have to run a specific speed on the treadmill… or do a certain exercise that doesn’t work for your body.

Because we are experienced trainers, you will get a workout that fits you. And as you get stronger, the challenge will grow too.

I'm going to be embarrassed by how out of shape I am

It will be nerve wracking on your first class. But you will quickly meet other women who were just as out of shape you think you are.

And you’ll see these women kicking serious butt. They will help you, cheer for you, and support you.

Don’t let fear of what other people think hold you back. You can get really strong and start a new healthy life. The first act of true strength is making a commitment and coming to your first class.

I have injuries will you work around it

Yes depending on your injuries.

If it’s a serious injury that holds you back from doing pushups or squats or bending your wrists… you probably need to go the doctor and get it figured out.

If it’s an older injury or weak joint, we can definitely work around it. And we can even show you methods to help relieve muscle tightness that might be causing your pain.

Come in or shoot me an email telling me your specific injury so I can tell you if you will be okay to workout here.

I've never been consistent before... what this time any different?

Ultimately it’s on you.

If you don’t make the effort… nothing will change. You will stay the same or continue gaining weight and getting further out of shape.

But This Time Can Be Different

Our community is a tight knit group of amazing women. If you participate, you will discover it’s easier to be consistent.

Not to mention, because we keep our class sizes smaller, your trainer will probably nag you if you’re not showing up.

Your are a strong woman. You just need to see that for yourself and then everything will change.

I can't afford it

Our normal membership are pretty expensive, BUT we have a lot of options to help you get in great shape.

Here at Goose Creek, we offer Body Burn 35. This is only $47 per month and allows you to come to a lot of classes each week. You can get in crazy good shape if you do this class.

We offer class passes that allow you to work around your busy schedule a little more.

We offer online training so you can workout wherever you want. And pricing here starts at only $9.95 per month.

If your health, strength, and fitness is a priority… there is a plan that will fit you.

I'm scared to do this by myself. I won't make any friends.

It is scary coming into a workout room where you don’t know anybody.

It’s the first big act of strength and it sets the tone for your future results.

Once you’re in our studios, you’re nerves will melt like a candle in an oven.

The ladies in our group are so welcoming. They are friendly, supportive, and they will cheer you on during the workout.

They have all been there too. They remember what it was like and they will help make sure you are not ignored or made to feel un-welcomed.

This won't work for my busy schedule

If the class passes won’t work for your schedule…

If Body Burn 35 won’t work for your schedule…

Then check out our online training. You can workout anywhere you want. There are bodyweight programs so you don’t need any equipment.

Plus the style of workout I’ve designed was made for busy women.

If you want to get in shape and you can commit 10 minutes a day… our online training programs will get in seriously fit.