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A studio to help you get back into exercise the right way...

Learn correct form... mobility... strength... and torch body fat starting today!

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2408 Ashley River Rd Ste G. Charleston, SC 29414

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We have over 29 weekly classes. Find your perfect schedule

#1: Small Classes

  • 12 women max per class...
  • You’ll get the attention you deserve...
  • Have the space to move around...
  • And make friends while burning fat and getting better results!

#2: Only Women

  • Never worry about being stared at...
  • Never worry about being judged or snickered at...
  • You’re with other women going through the same thing you are...
  • Plus we listen to any music we want when we want!

See Our Members In Action!

Chrissy pushing hard during step ups. Come join in fun today!

Stacey and Jessie practicing their kettlebell skills. You can learn new skills too!

Jessica taking a break to flex and smile. Come join in the fun with us!

Love the varied workouts! Kindal and Dan are great motivators. Awesome women in every class I go to. Everyone motivates each other and makes a really tough workout, really fun.

Samantha Hurd

I'm so thankful I found you guys. I've tried so many other gyms and nothing else compares. This is the only studio, gym or program I've stuck with for any considerable amount of time.

Amanda Renkin

#3: We Train & Coach You

  • You’ll learn correct exercise form...
  • How to reduce injury through modifications and progressions...
  • How to fix common joint and muscle pains...
  • Every workout is customized to your needs, goals, and fitness level.

#4: Large Class Schedule

  • Over 29... 60 minute... classes per week...
  • Classes during every peak hour...
  • We even have classes on weekends too...
  • You will find the classes that fit your busy schedule!

When We Burn Fat... We Burn Fat!


Lost 41lbs


Lost 24lbs


Lost 25lbs


Lost 148lbs

If These Women Can Do It... You Can Too!

#5: Every Workout is Different

  • Every workout includes a warmup and cool down session...
  • The main workout is 40 to 45 minutes long...
  • Each workout is based on high intensity cardio strength training...
  • You’ll learn new exercises... new equipment... and new ways to move your body.

#6: Close Knit Community!

  • Our community is what separates our studio from ther others. We are tight knit!
  • Our private Facebook group is active...
  • You can attend special weekend social events...
  • You can even attend Mountain Fitness retreats... offered two times per year.

We Have Fun And We Do It Together!

Come show off how strong women can be. We want you with us!

We have fun as a group. Fitness isn't individual. Come join our crew!

Meagan working on her squats and reps. Come learn to exercise correctly with us!

Come and try our studio for yourself!

  • No contracts
  • Class passes if you need more flexibility
  • Easy to schedule classes with our app
  • Easy to put your account on hold if you’re going out of town
  • Easy to upgrade and downgrade memberships

Try us out. Get 14 days of unlimited classes... including yoga... for only $14.